», Il détestait le foot : hommage à Pierre Desproges, Theodorákis l’immense musicien, l’éternel révolté, fête ses 95 ans. Struthof, le camp oublié Vidéo) Partager Tweet Vous abonner à notre lettre. Une lente montée des effectifs, 1941-1942 ; 1943 : le camp se normalise ; L'explosion du nombre, 1944-1945 -- Partir. Voile des petites filles musulmanes : Aurore Bergé est contre ! [18][19], British bomber Sergeant Frederic ("Freddie") Habgood was hanged at this camp, after his Lancaster bomber crashed in Alsace on 27 July 1944 and he was betrayed to the Nazis by a local woman. Some people died from the exertions of the work they had to do, while poorly fed. The camp held a crematorium and a jury rigged gas chamber outside the main camp, which was not used for mass extermination but for selective extermination, as part of the human experimentation programs, in particular on the problems of fighting a war, like typhus among the troops. One is at the site of the mass grave, the other along the wall of the cemetery. [20], In his memoirs titled Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexuel, Pierre Seel, who served a sentence at the neighboring camp of Schirmeck, tells that he took part in the construction of the Struthof concentration camp, in the context of his forced labor tasks. TV5, lundi, 21 h. Les plus populaires. The first camp commandant, Hans Hüttig, was sentenced to death on 2 July 1954 by a French military court in Metz, but the death sentence was not carried out. The camp was evacuated and its surviving prisoners sent on a "death march" in early September 1944 with only a small SS unit keeping the camp's operations. Natzweiler –Struthof was one of the smallest concentration camps. [7] Some worked in quarries, but many worked in the arms industry at various subcamps. This, however, would mean that the whole work had been done for nothing – at least in part – and that this singular collection would be lost to science, since it would be impossible to make plaster casts afterwards." Haut lieu de la mémoire des guerres contemporaines, le camp du Struthof en Alsace, seul camp de concentration nazi sur le sol de France, avait été ouvert en 1941 par les nazis, après l’annexion à l’Allemagne de l’Alsace-Moselle. The total number of prisoners at all of the Natzweiler subcamps was estimated to be 19,000 while there was between 7,000 and 8,000 in the main camp at Natzweiler.[5]. Ces « charmantes » bestioles se sont invitées, lundi dernier, à la séance du conseil munic…. 1 Fin de l'alerte Amber à Terrebonne; 2 Chronique Le cauchemar de François Legault; 3 Ce qu’exposent les zoonoses; 4 [2], On 23 November 1944, this camp with its small staff was discovered and liberated by the French First Army as part of the U.S. Sixth Army Group,[2] on the same day that the city of Strasbourg was liberated by the Allies. Bien avant Auschwitz pourtant, que les Soviétiques découvrirent le 27 janvier 1945, le « Konzentrations Lager » du Struthof  aura été le premier camp de concentration découvert par les Alliés à l’ouest de l’Europe, le 23 novembre 1944, lors de leur progression vers les rives du Rhin. Hartjenstein's death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment on 1 June 1946. Le camp central, seul camp de concentration présent sur le territoire français actuel, est situé en ce qui était alors l'Alsace annexée. How I succeeded in identifying the 86 victims of a NAZI crime. Through 1945, Natzweiler-Struthof had a complex of about 70 subcamps or annex camps. Le Struthof is a beautiful location which before it was a concentration camp, was a ski resort. Struthof, le camp oublié. On 2 July 1940, two weeks after the fall of the nearby city of Strasbourg, an internment camp was set up near Schirmeck which existed throughout the war but was never part of the concentration camp system. The disused autobahn Engelberg Tunnel in Leonberg, near Stuttgart, was used by the Messerschmitt Aircraft Company which eventually employed 3,000 prisoners in forced labor. He was sentenced on 16–17 November 1945 and was hanged at Hamelin prison [de] on 13 December 1945. Ce documentaire lève le voile sur l'histoire glaçante de ce camp. In September 1944, Sievers telegrammed Brandt: "The collection can be defleshed and rendered unrecognizable. [41] There were an estimated 22,000 deaths at the camp, including its network of subcamps. [citation needed], The camp became a war zone in late summer 1944, and was evacuated in early September 1944. Struthof, le camp oublié (TV Movie 2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Le camp de Natzweiler-Struthof. Doctors Otto Bickenbach and Helmut Rühl were accused of crimes committed at this camp. Coronavirus : « …et si on rendait l’Alsace-Lorraine aux Allemands, au gué, au gué… » ? In 1956, he was released from detention after being imprisoned for eleven years. Struthof, le camp oublié : Retour sur l'histoire du camp de concentration de Natzweiler-Struthof, installé en Alsace, alors allemande. [38], Josef Kramer, the former commandant of the camp during the time of the Jewish skeleton collection project, was arrested at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on 17 April 1945 and tried at Lüneburg in the British-occupied sector for his crimes, including the murder of Jews in the gas chamber at Natzweiler. [4] Many prisoners were moved to other camps; in particular, in 1944 the former head of Auschwitz concentration camp was brought in to evacuate the prisoners of Natzweiler-Struthof to Dachau as the Allied Armies neared. [31] Lang recounts in detail the story of how he determined the identities of the 86 victims gassed for Hirt's project of the Jewish skeleton collection. Struthof, le camp oublié • 50 min. Témoignage : « J’habite en Hongrie et j’aimerais que l’on cesse de calomnier ce pays ! Le principe de non-discrimination a encore frappé ! Quand le Vatican incite les fidèles à se faire vacciner… Même avec des cellules de bébés avortés ? S’il y a un référendum urgent, c’est sur l’immigration qu’il doit se faire. Remdésivir/Gilead : la Commission européenne cache-t-elle un énorme scandale de favoritisme ? Le 23 novembre 1944, jour de la libération de Strasbourg, l'armée américaine pénètre dans le camp de Natzweiler-Struthof. Struthof, le camp oublié en Streaming. Vaccin contre le coronavirus : ce que révèle la reculade du gouvernement. "The project itself, continues Professor Johann Chapoutot [fr], is an example of this investment of politics by science, or science by politics that is Nazism. Another annex camp at Schörzingen was established in February 1944 for extracting crude oil from oil shale. [32][35][36] The biographies of all 86 people are described in English on a web site set up by Lang.[37]. He was sentenced to death and subsequently shot by firing squad near Baden-Baden on 20 March 1947. [33] August Hirt, who conceived the project, was sentenced to death in absentia at the Military War Crimes Trial at Metz on 23 December 1953. "[27], In 1943, the inmates selected at Auschwitz were transported to Natzweiler-Struthof. Another plaque honoring the victims was placed outside the Anatomy Institute at Strasbourg's University Hospital. Hoffmann & Campe, Hamburg 2004, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 07:18. The prisoners lived initially in a temporary structure surrounded by barbed wire. ». Directed by Anne-Sophie Chaumier Le Conte. Among notable prisoners, the writer Boris Pahor was interned in Natzweiler-Struthof and wrote his novel Necropolis based on his experience. August Hirt committed suicide in June 1945; his suicide was unknown for many years, and he was tried in absentia in 1953 at Metz for his war crimes, including the Jewish skeleton collection, begun at Auschwitz, continued at Natzweiler-Struthof, and ended, but not completed, at the Reichs University of Strasbourg. He was accused of having murdered four British female spies. Qui connait le Struthof « Auschwitz oublié » de notre Hexagone ? "[44], A documentary film was shown in 2014 about the 86 people who were murdered in the camp and whose remains were later identified by name, as described above in The Jewish skeleton collection section. Its goal was to explain what happened at Reich University of Strasbourg, at Natzweiler-Struthof, in the strange use of science in this Nazi project to eliminate the Jews, but keeping some remains for history and science, the project never fully completed. Beger was found guilty, although he was credited for pre-trial imprisonment and served no time. The Nazis established a concentration camp near the town of Natzweiler, 31 miles south of Strasbourg, on a hill in the Vosges Mountains. [39], The commandant of Natzweiler at the time that four female resistance agents were executed, Fritz Hartjenstein and five others were tried by a British war crimes court at Wuppertal, from 9 April to 5 May 1946. Crèche de Noël la plus laide : Nice a fait mieux que le pape, place Saint-Pierre ! [31], Two anthropologists, who were both members of the SS, Hans Fleischhacker and Bruno Beger, along with Wolf-Dietrich Wolff, were accused of making selections at Auschwitz of Jewish prisoners for Hirt's collection of 'racial types', the man who devised the project of the Jewish skeleton collection. The European Centre of Deported Resistance Members, a new structure at the site, opened in November 2005, and at the same time, "the museum was entirely redesigned to focus solely on the history of Natzweiler concentration camp and its subcamps. Roger Boulanger writes of the four British SOE women executed under the supervision of Dr. Plaza and Dr. Rhode, in his section on Capital Punishment (Les exécutions capitales), as to the intent of the RSHA of Berlin, Reichssicherheitshauptamt, to have them disappear with no trace, as their names were not recorded as being at this camp. Strenuous work, medical experiments, poor nutrition and mistreatment by the SS guards resulted in most of the documented deaths, although some prisoners were executed directly, by hanging, by gunshot or by gas. [41][10], Heinrich Schwarz was tried separately at Rastatt in connection with atrocities committed during his tenure as commandant of Natzweiler-Struthof. The European Centre of Deported Resistance Members is located at this museum, focusing on those held. Ils traînent une chrétienne nue dans les rues et… sont acquittés par la Justice égyptienne, Calendrier de l’Avent (case 21) : une crèche de lumière, Une prof de droit insultée et menacée de mort pour avoir critiqué l’islam, Damien Rieu : « En France, en 2020,les citoyens ont le droit, symboliquement, de montrer que les frontières sont possibles et nécessaires ». Le 23 novembre 1944, jour de la libération de Strasbourg, l'armée américaine pénètre dans le camp de Natzweiler-Struthof. De la famille Lefèvre à Miss France 2021 : une semaine nauséabonde. Le 1er mai 1941, au lieu-dit « le Struthof », les nazis ouvrent un camp de concentration, le Konzentrationslager Natzweiler (KL*-Natzweiler). [13] Henri Gayot a member of the French Resistance who was interned at Struthof between April and September 1944, documented his ordeal in drawings which are now in the Struthof Concentration Camp Museum. L’Italie réclame l’annulation de sa dette…. On 11 December 2005, memorial stones engraved with the names of the 86 victims were placed at the cemetery. ), The total number of prisoners reached 52,000 over the three years, of 32 nationalities. His death was acknowledged as a war crime in 1947 and his family was informed, but the most personal evidence of his presence there, a silver bracelet with his name on it, emerged from the soil in July 2018, as an area with flowers was being watered by a volunteer. In a 2013 documentary by Sonia Rolley and others, two historians remark that "Hirt is one of the most absolutely criminal of National Socialist ideology," adds the historian Yves Ternon. [16], Two British Royal Air Force airmen (Flying Officer Dennis H. Cochran, and Flight Lieutenant Anthony "Tony" R. H. Hayter) who were involved in "The Great Escape" and murdered by the Gestapo after re-capture,[17] were cremated at Natzweiler-Struthof. Vue de baraques dans le camp de Natzweiler, qui constituait une partie du camp de concentration de Natzweiler-Struthof. The Monument to the Departed stands at the site. ». [9] Brian Stonehouse of the British SOE and Albert Guérisse, a Belgian escape line leader, witnessed the arrival of the four women and the events leading up to their execution and cremation; both men testified to the executions of the four women in post-war trials. The camp also trained several female guards who went to the Geisenheim and Geislingen subcamps in western Germany. The names and biographical information of the victims were published in the book Die Namen der Nummern (The Names of the Numbers). In 1951, the remains of the 86 victims were reinterred in one location in the Cronenbourg-Strasbourg Jewish Cemetery. It is not to be confused with, Mitscherlich, Fred Mielke: Medicine without humanity: documents of the Nuremberg Doctors Trial, Frankfurt am Main 1995, p. 216, Au nom de la race et de la science 1941-1944 (1/4), Au Nom De La Race Et De La Science Documentaire Entier Français, Priest Barracks of Dachau Concentration Camp, "Introduction to the history of the camp | STRUTHOF", "Struthof: Commémoration des exécutions de 141 résistants", "Natzweiler-Struthoff Concentration Camp", "War Crimes and Their Motivation: The SocioPsychological Structure of the SS and the Criminalization of a Society", "2 SAS Regiments, War Crimes Investigations, and British Intelligence: Intelligence Officers and the Natzweiler Trial", "L'historique du camp de Natzweiler-Struthof", "Flying Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Frontex accusée d’avoir refoulé des migrants ! Mais ni le secrétaire d’État aux Anciens combattants, ni le Premier ministre, a fortiori le Président de l’époque, n’avaient alors fait le déplacement, pas plus qu’aujourd’hui…Vous avez dit le « Struthof » ? Souvent oublié, le KL Natzweiler du Struthof a pourtant été l’un des camps avec le plus haut taux de mortalité de l’Allemagne nazie. Entre 1941 et 1945, l’Alsace, annexée au IIIe Reich, voit s’installer l’un des camps de concentration les plus meurtriers de la Seconde Guerre mondiale : le KL-Natzweiler. [11] [12], Charles Delestraint, leader of the Armée Secrète, was detained at Natzweiler-Struthof, then was executed by the Gestapo in Dachau days before that camp was liberated and the war ended. [27] Josef Kramer, acting commandant of Natzweiler-Struthof (who was a Lagerführer at Auschwitz and the last commandant of Bergen Belsen) personally carried out the gassing of 80 of the 86 victims at Natzweiler-Struthof. Retour à l'article L’Angleterre confinée : enfin une bonne nouvelle pour les Français ? Certificat de sensibilisation obligatoire ? Natzweiler-Struthof was a German-run concentration camp located in the Vosges Mountains close to the Alsatian village of Natzwiller (German Natzweiler) in France, and the town of Schirmeck, about 50 km (31 m) south west of the city of Strasbourg. Le racket du prix de l’électricité ne cesse de prendre de l’ampleur, Covid-19 : les questions de fond à se poser, « Je les ai bien baisés » : Emmanuel Macron au naturel. In 1940, Germany invaded and occupied France, including Alsace. It operated from 21 May 1941 to September 1944, and was the only concentration camp established by the Germans in the territory of pre-war France. Lilian Thuram nous donne la véritable raison du crachat de Marcus ! Struthof, le camp oublié, d'Anne-Sophie Chaumier Le Conte Le 23 novembre, jour de la libération de Strasbourg, l'armée américaine pénètre dans le camp de Natzweiler-Struthof. Some initial study of the corpses was performed, but the progress of the war stalled completion of the collection. Au camp du Struthof, ce même jour, en Alsace, à une soixantaine de kilomètres de Strasbourg, les portes de l’ancien camp de concentration du Struthof sont restées closes pour… cause de « fermeture annuelle du 24 décembre au 28 février, réouverture le 1er mars 2020 ». The deaths of 86 inmates were, in the words of Hirt, "induced" at a jury rigged gassing facility at Natzweiler-Struthof on several days in August and their corpses, 57 men and 29 women, were sent to Strasbourg for study. It was a labor camp, a transit camp and, as the war went on, a place of execution. Natzweiler-Struthof was a Nazi concentration camp located in the Vosges Mountains close to the villages of Natzweiler and Struthof in the Gau Baden-Alsace of Germany, on territory annexed from France on a de facto basis in 1940. He is honored as a Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Memorial for hiding Jewish children in Catholic boarding schools. In 1944, with the approach of the Allies, there was concern over the possibility that the corpses could be discovered. Les pompiers de Paris postillonnent en parlant ! An old hotel called ‘Le Struthof’ was near the selected location and served as the residence for the camp’s SS personnel. took place at Bullenhuser Damm. Neither of those steps, making the casts nor reducing the corpses to skeletons, was carried out. Struthof, le camp oublié . This was done mainly at the numerous annex camps, some of which were located in mines or tunnels in order to avoid damage from Allied air raids. About 52,000 prisoners were estimated to be held there during its time of operation. [27], "Struthof" redirects here. Some died from the exertions of their labor and malnutrition. [4], Interned prisoners provided forced labor for the Wehrmacht war industry, through contracts with private industry. Bien avant Auschwitz pourtant, que les Soviétiques découvrirent le 27 janvier 1945, le « Konzentrations Lager » du Struthof aura été le premier camp de concentration découvert par les Alliés à l’ouest de l’Europe, le 23 novembre 1944, lors de leur progression vers les rives du Rhin. [8] Such executions of[who?] Le 23 novembre, jour de la libération de Strasbourg, l'armée américaine pénètre dans le camp de Natzweiler-Struthof, l'unique camp de … Il y a 5 ans, pour le 70e anniversaire de la libération des camps, les survivants du Struthof attendaient pour le moins un hommage national avec la présence d’un membre du gouvernement. In 2003, Hans-Joachim Lang, a German professor at the University of Tübingen succeeded in identifying all the victims, by comparing a list of inmate numbers of the 86 corpses at the Reichs University in Strasbourg, surreptitiously recorded by Hirt's French assistant Henri Henrypierre, with a list of numbers of inmates vaccinated at Auschwitz. It was abandoned intact and the organisers have left most of it intact. Chaque année une cérémonie quasi confidentielle, dédiée à la mémoire des victimes du nazisme, se déroule au Struthof le week-end suivant le 18 juin, en souvenir de l’appel du général de Gaulle. [45] The film "The names of the 86" (French: Le nom des 86) was directed by Emmanuel Heyd and Raphael Toledano (Dora Films). Struthof, le camp oublié: découvrez toutes les vidéos avec Télé-Loisirs Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Dépistage massif au Havre : « Un gaspillage de fric monumental ! Its construction was overseen by Hans Hüttig in the spring of 1941, in a heavily-forested and isolated area at an elevation of 800 metres (2,600 ft). Dennis Cochran", "Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) Anthony Hayter", "Family of World War Two Lancaster bomber reunited with his bracelet 74 years after it rose to surface of concentration camp ash pit", "In Re Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation (Swiss Banks) Special Master's Proposal", "Elenco delle aziende e dei campi di concentramento ricorrendo al lavoro forzato", "Un documentaire sur un crime nazi méconnu primé à Waterloo", "Skelette für Straßburg Eines der grausigsten Wissenschaftsverbrechen des "Dritten Reiches" ist endlich aufgeklärt", "[Victims of medical research at Natzweiler, from "Die Namen der Nummern: Eine Initiative zur Erinnerung an 86 jüdische Opfer eines Verbrechens von NS-Wissenschaftlern"] (ID: 20733)", "The Names of the Numbers: In Memoriam of 86 Jewish People who Fell Victim to the Nazi Scientists", "The Names of the Numbers: The Courses of 86 Lives", "Nazi War Crimes Trials: Natzweiler Trial", Independent researcher Diana Mara Henry's site, Memoir by KLNA Survivor Joseph Scheinmann aka Andre Peulevey, History of the Natzweiler-Struthof Camp by Roger Boulanger, camp survivor (in French), Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation, Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation, Sons and Daughters of Jewish Deportees from France, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Natzweiler-Struthof_concentration_camp&oldid=994138817, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from January 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2018, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, mainly resistance fighters from occupied European nations, Franz Berg: death sentence (executed by hanging 11 October 1946), Peter Straub: death sentence (executed by hanging 11 October 1946), Fritz Hartjenstein (commandant): death sentence, commuted to life (Wuppertal), death sentence by British (Rastatt), death sentence by French Court (Metz), died before sentence was carried out.

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